Major speciality steel manufacturer

A prominent speciality steel manufacturer encountered challenges related to the generation of significant dust plumes during the transfer of waste refractory material from the waste bay to skips for subsequent processing.

The concern primarily stemmed from the high silica content (up to 90%) in the refractory brick material.

While the company adhered to local environmental regulations, their paramount focus was on the well-being of their on-site staff.

Given the proximity of the material waste bay and the skip, the JetMister JMRT bowser emerged as the ideal solution for the task.

Its 90-degree automatic oscillating mast effectively covered the waste bay during material loading with a front loader and extended to cover the skip during unloading. With a built-in 1000-liter water storage capacity and a diesel-powered pump, the JetMister offered complete standalone operation, efficiently managing silica dust and freeing up valuable operator time.

Once the material transfer process concluded, the JetMister was easily towed back to its storage area, contributing to the optimization of on-site space.

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