Leading South West Environmental Engineers

The customer was having issues with dust generated while carrying out land remediation works.

Other products on the market were either too unreliable or not suited for their application and just not heavy duty enough to take the heavy use these machines get.

Leading South West Environmental Engineers

The JetMister bowser with its onboard 1000 Liter water supply and diesel-powered pump offered them the perfect solution.

It was portable so it could be located near to their crushing & screening operations, offered the right amount of water to prevent too much water causing machine blockages and when it required more water it was simply taken to the water supply.

When the day shift was over the pressure washing feature was used to ensure all their machines were cleaned down ready for the next shift.

The site manager said

“I love the JetMister bowser, it is perfect for our crushing & screening. Just the right amount of water and it is totally reliable”.

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